Are Basenjis smart?

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  1. Are Basenjis smart?
  2. How far can a Basenji walk?
  3. Are Basenjis low maintenance?
  4. Do Basenjis wag their tail?
  5. How do you walk a Basenji?
  6. Do Basenjis ever calm down?
  7. Do Basenjis obey?
  8. Are Basenjis good for apartments?
  9. What is a Basenji mix?

Are Basenjis smart?

The Basenji is highly intelligent, but he has a stubborn streak a mile wide. The phrase "willing to please," used to describe so many breeds, is unknown to him. A Basenji may know perfectly well all the commands you teach him, but whether he actually performs them will always be in question.

How far can a Basenji walk?

“Get a good walk of about 2 miles a day once a day, and then just quick walks around the block. They really like to just have a lap to cuddle up on, after they've finished running around the house like mad - we call it the Basenji 500.”

Are Basenjis low maintenance?

The Basenji is known as an intelligent breed with a highly curious streak. This pup is fairly easy to maintain; their short coat requires weekly brushing with a curry brush to help reduce the amount of shedding.

Do Basenjis wag their tail?

Basenjis in Africa just have kind of loopy tails, but basenjis that are bred to be show dogs usually have tighter curls. ... Gabe doesn't wag his tail either except when he is very, very excited, like if he sees his Mama Erin or his Granny Ruthie. When we basenjis feel happy, our tails are all curled up over our backs.

How do you walk a Basenji?

Ok, it's the obvious one, but the most basic way to exercise your Basenji is to slip on their harness and take them for a good old dog walk. There's no doubt that your Basenji will jump with excitement as soon as they spot their lead, which is an obvious sign that this tried and tested method works.

Do Basenjis ever calm down?

A basenji may appear calm and aloof. But if he does not get enough exercise, he begins to release his energy in ways we humans do not approve of, mainly destroying things. If you do not have a fenced yard, plan on taking lots of walks. Every day.

Do Basenjis obey?

They obey very well, if it is be in their natural behavior. They consider and decide directly to follow the command, or not. If you are prepared to respect these characteristics of Basenjis, you and your Basenji become friends.

Are Basenjis good for apartments?

Though they're not very popular in the U.S., Basenjis are great dogs for apartment dwellers looking for a small, low-maintenance dog. They don't shed, rarely grow taller than 18”, and are the only dog that doesn't bark.

What is a Basenji mix?

Basenji Corgi Mix The Corsengi is a cross between a Basenji and either a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. This puts your Corsengi's adult weight range between 22 and 38 pounds. A Basenji Corgi mix's life span is typically 12 to 15 years. This dog inherits different traits from each parent dog.